Monday, December 22, 2025

Games translated so far

If anyone finds anything that seems incorrect with the translation, please notify me.

Related games translated by others
A Bomb Called Darkipt by BrownSugar (translated by Cargodin)
Patty and Mr. Miles by BrownSugar (translated by Cargodin)
Mikoto Nikki by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
Mix Ore by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
Makoto Moebius by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
Yanderella by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
Shihori Escape by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
You, Me, and Empty Words by NekoCharon (translated by Terriball)
Bury by Hachisuka (translated by an anonymous translator)
Doraemon Nobita's Biohazard by aaa (translated by Naoya Kiryama)
A Vague Story by BrownSugar (translated by Cargodin)
Oyadori no Ko by Kona Kona Kona Kona Kona (translated by vi1222)
Sukuttee (Save Meee) by Kona Kona Kona Kona Kona (translated by vi1222)
Jintai Sozai by Kona Kona Kona Kona Kona (translated by vi1222)
Leave by Astral (translated by hgdear)
Desperate Love Feast by Akira Takaba (translated by nemesis25)
Killer Bear by Nekofurosiki (translated by Memories of Fear)


  1. help!!!!,i got "could not find file audio/BGM/mayonakanoongakushitsu" for Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout....i just download this yesterday.

    1. That doesn't make sense since there is no "mayonakanoongakushitsu" used anywhere in the game. Where did you encounter the error?

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