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Seventh Night walkthrough

Guide for Seventh Night (オシチヤ, Oshichiya).

Observe the door
Observe the paper lantern, then leave the room
Try to go past the next door

Main part of game:
You can switch between the girl and the sunekosuri by talking to the other.

As the girl, you can pick up the rod outside the door. After quipping that rod, you can pick up the paper lantern.

As the sunekosuri, you can go into the first room. If the girl is not in the first room, game over. There, you can pick up one of the go stone containers. By doing so, you make the two get out of the room sometime later, and when they do, the girl can come into this room.

After going down the hallway, you will arrive at a door that only the girl can open.

In the next hallway, you will see some gaps. You now need to use the sunekosuri to jump over the gaps with the shift button. You can, of course, now press the button on the other side, but there is also an alternate way for the girl to go across without pressing the buttons. Get the torn old umbrella from the exchange room as the sunekosuri (you will first have to get another item, like the go stone, or the gold button), and have the girl wear it. You will then be given the option to jump over the gap when you press action on the gap.

In the third hallway, at the right, you will find a gold button in the little hole as the sunekosuri.

At the end of the third hallway is the garden. To the left is the storage room, and to the right is the exchange room.

In the exchange room, you will be able to get the fox mask, the riverbed rock, and the torn old umbrella for anything the sunekosuri currently has.

You have two options to get the girl past the hitotsume-nyudo you see in the third hall.
1. Have the sunekosuri equip the gold buttton. Make sure the girl is not in the third hall. Then talk to the hitotsume-nyudo. Go to the right to the hole where you found the gold button, and press the small button.
2. Have the sunekosuri equip the fox mask. Talk to the hitotsume-nyudo. You can also do this after you've already done 1 and subsequently released the hitotsume-nyudo from the hole.

You will now need to get the torn old umbrella from the exchange room. Have the girl equip it to let her go into the garden.

If you want, you can make rain fall in the garden by having the girl read the stone past the fence, and then have sunekosuri throw in an item. Some items will float, and other items will sink. If the item sinks, it will anger the water god. A list of what items will sink can be found further down. By angering the water god, the girl will not need to wear the umbrella to get past the karakasa-obake safely, but there is a side effect (details further down).

The girl can peel off the ofuda from the north door.

In the mirror room, the girl can peel off the ofuda there. After doing so, you will be given access to the reverse side of the mansion.

From here on, there is not much linear progression of tasks, so the following is an explanation of how to go through passages, obtain items, and fulfil events.

Passageways and rooms:
To get past the omukade in the third hall, reverse side, there are two methods.
1. As the sunekosuri, you can jump over it.
2. You can close the grating on the front side. This will also allow the girl through.
If you use method 1, you can also get the girl across if you first have the girl go all the way back to the room near the beginning room, and then switch using the mirror there.

To get through the passageway with the two chochinbi, there are three methods.
1. The sunekosuri can use the jump function to go through it quickly, and if you get the right timing, you'll be able to pass through safely.
2. With the girl, you can use the paper lantern and it'll eat the flames and turn into winter cherry, which has the ability to light things. This will also permanently get rid of the flames.
3. Wear the robe of the fire rat. (Details on obtaining this below)

To get through the door after going through the chochinbi: lock the door on the front side. Naturally, only the sunekosuri can go through first since only the girl can lock that door.

To get the girl through the staircase, front side, you'll need to have a light source. There are two methods:
1. Heal the ohaguro-bettari in the south side of the first 1F hall on the front side, and have the hifuki-baba light it up for you.
2. Have the girl equip the paper lantern, and go to the reverse side
3. Wear the oni mask. For details on getting the oni mask, see "the Hifuki-baba's errands."

To get the girl through the staircase, reverse side, there are two methods:
1. Light the staircase on the front side (see above)
2. Wear the oni mask.

To get the girl through the mokumokuren hallway, front side, you have two options:
1. Use one of the go stones the go stones found in the go room, which you can go to from the mokumouren hallway. You will need the one of the opposite color. The color that shows up in the go room is randomly chosen once you enter, so if you find the wrong one there, go out and then go in any door again (which one doesn't matter).
2. Wear the oni mask.

To go into the kitchen, reverse side, there are two methods:
1. As the girl, wear the robe of the fire rat.
2. Put out the fire. There are two methods to do this. (Details found below)

To get the girl through the winter passageway, you have three options:
1. Give the Kiki mimi zukin to the O-Jizo-san to the right of the center. (Details on obtaining this further down)
2. Give the Torn old umbrella to the O-Jizo-san to the right of the center.
3. Have the Bell of yang, or the Bell of yin yang, and hold it while passing through. (Details on obtaining this further down).
Have caution that if you give the Kiki mimi zukin or the Torn old umbrella, you will not be able to have it back. Especially since the Kiki mimi zukin has several other useful functions.

To get the girl through the passageway with the transparent monster, you have two options:
1. After putting out the fire in the kitchen, get the vase of ash, and have the girl equip it. Then go into the passageway, and you can spread the ash.
2. Wear the oni mask. For details on getting the oni mask, see "the Hifuki-baba's errands."
3. Dodge it as you go through. You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, since the passage way is two squares in width.

To get the girl into the kitchen on the front side, there are two methods:
1. If the ohaguro-bettari is not healed, you can simply go in. After you complete one of the hifuki-baba's errands, and ohaguro-bettari is healed, the hifuki-baba will acknowledge you, so it will be alright even with the ohaguro-bettari in. Beware that this acknowledgement does not occur if the hifuki-baba has been invited to the banquet, though.
2. Wear the Kiki Mimi Zukin, and talk to the rat in the lavatory on the front side.

To get through the kamaitachi on the reverse side, simply talk to them, talk to the kamaitachi in the tatami room, and then talk to them again.

Kiki Mimi Zukin:
On the front side, try observing under the stairs on the first floor. You will be given it. Do note, that if you have the Kiki Mimi Zukin with you, and you try talking to the one under the stairs on the first floor on the reverse side, the Kiki Mimi Zukin will be taken away, and there will be no way to get it back.

Foal doll:
While equipping the Kiki Mimi Zukin, go into the spring passageway (going left, on the front side). In the middle, you can hear things while it is equipped, and which one you hear is randomly chosen. Once you hear the one about buried treasure, then have suneosuri go into the summer passageway and observe the rocks that have newly appeared.

It is in the first guest room on the front side, in the vase.

Flower vase:
It is in the entrance on the front side.

Arrangement diagram:
It is in the second guest room, reverse side.

Centipede oil:
You must have the grating in the reverse side open (in other words, have the grating in the front side closed). Use sunekosuri, and go into the hole on the reverse side in the third 2F hall.

Robe of the fire rat:
After healing the ohaguro-bettari with the centipede oil, the girl can come in and search the drawers for it.

Fishing rod:
After lighting the lantern, go to the storage room on the front side as the girl. It is in the vase.

Pond snail jewel:
Fish in the big tree

Koi, Crayfish, Eel:
Fish in the big tree or pond. You'll need to have both lily pads on the reverse side down for the pond.

Fish in the pond

Small key: there are two methods to obtain this:
1. As the girl, in the reverse side garden, pull the bucket in the well up. Then have the sunekosuri jump into it.
2. As the girl, use the pond snail jewel on the well after pulling the bucket up.

Putting out the fire in the reverse side kitchen: two methods to do this.
1. As the girl, observe the paper scrap in the study to the east of the reverse side garden about 4 times. You will find the poem paper scrap. Equip it as the girl, and go into the kitchen.
2. As the girl, go into the kitchen. After inviting the hifuki-baba to the banquet, you can use the pond snail jewel to put out the fire in the stove. This will also put out the fire in the reverse side kitchen.

Healing the ohaguro-bettari:
Use centipede oil

Lily pads, satisfying the crow tengu:
With the sunekosuri, you can jump through and make the lily pads sink. Beware that if you make them sink without talking to the crow tengu, you will be unable to invite the crow tengu to the banquet. If you do talk to the crow tengu, he will take whatever item you have if you have one. In order to get it back, as long as it is not the gold coin, you can exchange the gold coin for it.

Finding the sparrow's daughter:
With the sunekosuri, jump into somewhere in the garden in the reverse side. Talk to the sparrow on the platform. Then get the bird cage nearby. Go to the autumn passageway (going left, reverse side), and have the sunekosuri jump over the fence and examine the sparrow near the kaki (persimmons). Then go back. You will be given a choice between two rewards:
1. The smaller one is the hand mirror, allowing you to exchange items anywhere.
2. The larger one is a transportation box, allowing you to teleport to the other side of the mirror where the other is at currently, except for the tatami room.

The water god in the pond:
With the girl, if you read the gravestone in the garden (observe it from the fence opposite of it), you will get information about throwing something. With the sunekosuri, you can then throw an object into the pond to anger the water god. Be careful that this adds to the count for the "number of times you've angered the water gods," which also happens through fishing, and if this number reaches 5, it is game over (unless you have the foal doll, which breaks for that 5th time, giving you one more chance). Any item can be thrown, but only 15 items have the effect of angering the water god.

―Items that can be thrown in the pond to anger the water god:
Go stone: white
Go stone: black
Gold button
Riverbed rock
Centipede oil
Little sparrow
Hand mirror
Small key
Pond snail jewel
Foal doll
Bell of yin (be careful of getting stuck by doing this)
Bell of yin yang

After throwing the item, you can retrieve it by fishing in the tree. After angering the water god, there will be no more problem for the girl to come to the garden undisguised. Be warned, though, that after angering the water god, if you want to go through the "summer hallway" (front side, going east) as the human, you must carry an object that can protect against lightning.

After angering the water god, you can "de-anger" the water god by using the Foal doll at the same position where you can throw things in (you have to use the sunekosuri for this, naturally). You can still re-anger the water god after de-angering the water god. Be careful that you can only de-anger the water god once, since the foal doll goes away after you use it.

―Items that can protect against lightning (you must hold the item, not just possess it):
Paper lantern (as Winter cherry)
Oni mask (be warned: if you are on an errand and you pass through the middle, it will decrease your score by 5 for the tea-delivery and the alcohol-delivery errands. There is no such effect if you use the paper lantern to go through, though)
Bell of yang
Bell of ying yang
Torn old umbrella (only once)

If you use the Torn old umbrella to protect against lightning, you will lose it. You will also lose it even if it is the sunekosuri wearing the Torn old umbrella across, even though the sunekosuri can simply go through fine without it.

If you read "The Art of Fishing" in first guest room as the girl in the reverse side of the house, some probabilities in the results change. "The Art of Fishing" only shows up if you get a score of 8 in "cleaning up the guest room" (see "The hifuki-baba's errands"). Here are the fishing results:

―In the pond:
Mermaid: 1/60 without Essentials of Fishing, 3/60 with Essentials of Fishing (Probability changes to 0 if you already have a mermaid)
Koi: 1/8 (Turns into spider if you already have a koi in inventory)
Crayfish: 1/8 (Turns into kappa if you already have a crayfish in inventory)
Eel: 1/8 (Turns into white snake if you already have an eel in inventory)
Goldfish: 1/8 (Turns into white snake if you have already caught 10 goldfish)
Nothing: remaining probability

―In the tree:
Pond snail jewel: 2/5 without Essentials of Fishing, 1/2 with Essentials of Fishing (Probability changes to 0 after acquiring this once)
Object thrown into the pond: 0 before acquiring the pond snail jewel, 1/5 without Essentials of Fishing, 2/5 with Essentials of Fishing, 0 again after retrieving it
Koi: 1/20 before acquiring pond snail jewel, 1/10 after acquiring pond snail jewel and before fishing up any object thrown into pond (if there was any), 3/20 if there is no probability of getting a pond snail jewel or the object thrown into the pond, turns into spider if you already have a koi in inventory
Crayfish: Same probabilities as above, turns into kappa if you already have a koi in inventory
Eel: Same probabilities as above, turns into white snake if you already have an eel in inventory
Goldfish: Same probabilities as above, turns into white snake if you already have already caught 10 goldfish
Nothing: remaining probability (2/5 without essentials of fishing, 1/5 with essentials of fishing)

―If you upset one of the water gods (spider, kappa, white snake) through fishing a total of 5 times, it is game over. If you have the foal doll, it will break apart the 5th time you upset one of the water gods through fishing, giving you one more chance. Note that throwing something that sinks into the pond in the garden on the front side also adds to the count of the "number of times you've angered one of the water gods."

The hifuki-baba's errands:
By going into the kitchen as the girl, you can talk to the hifuki-baba to start the errands. You will also need to complete the first errand in order to start the banquet. If you bring a fish to the hifuki-baba after the first errand, and before you complete all the errands, the rest of the errands will be cancelled and you won't be able to do them.

In the first and third errands, you will be given an oni mask. The oni mask has an "endurance level." Each time you talk to a youkai while wearing the mask, the endurance level decreases by 1. When it reaches 0, it breaks and it's game over. During the errands, the oni mask has an endurance level of just 3 each time (it resets for each errand you use it), so if you accidentally talk to some other youkai other than the intended one, you might not be able to complete the errand, so be careful.

For each of these errands, you get a score. If you pass a minimum total score in the end, you are rewarded with the oni mask. The higher the score, the higher the endurance level of the oni mask that you receive. This only applies for the one you receive after finishing all errands; if you get it after the funamori is prepared for the banquet, the score will not matter.

―Delivering the tea to the te no me in the exchange room: a simple timed quest. The timer starts at 10 minutes, and here are the possible scores depending on where the timer is at:
8: greater than or equal to 9 minutes
7: greater than 7 minutes
6: greater than 5 minutes
5: greater than 4 minutes
4: greater than 3 minutes
3: greater than 2 minutes
2: greater than 1 minute
1: greater than 0
0: at 0
If you go through the summer hallway after angering the water god at the pond, and use the oni mask to go through, your score will be decreased by 5 (since negative numbers are not possible in RPG Maker, it will simply become 0 if it was less than 5 already).

―Rearranging the guest room:
You can use the arrangement diagram to help. There are 7 objects in total, and each one is worth 1 point. The final point is placing the vase on the table. A minimum score of 4 is required for the guest to show up. In order to be able to read "The Art of Fishing," you will need 8 points.

―Delivering the alcohol to the tatami room: again, a simple timed quest. The timer starts at 10 mintutes again, and the scoring system is also the same.

After finishing all three quests, your scores are added up, and if it is greater than or equal to 20, you will receive the oni mask. It will have an endurance level of:
6 if your total score is 26 or above
5 if your total score is 24 or above
4 if your total score is 22 or above
3 if your total score is 20 or above

If you have a total score of less than 20, you can talk to the hifukibaba again, and your score will again be added to. In other words, if you ended up with a score of 19, and talk to the hifukibaba a second time, your score will end up being 38, so you will get an oni mask of endurance 6. If you end up with a total score of 11, you will get an oni mask of endurance 4 the second time you talk to the hifukibaba again because your score becomes 22. (The reason why this happens is if you don't have the mask, you get your "evaluation" by having the three scores added to your "total," and receive the oni mask if you have a sufficient total...... this does feel somewhat unintentional, though.)

If you bring a fish to start the banquet before finishing all 3 errands, or if you don't talk to the hifukibaba one more time after finishing the errands and instead bring a fish before receiving the oni mask, or if you had too bad of a score that she didn't give you an oni mask and brought the fish for the banquet afterwards, you will be given an oni mask of endurance 3 (which will be reduced by 1 when you enter the banquet room), and 5 additional endurance points will be given once you talk to the hifukibaba after delivering the funamori.

Once you have the oni mask, you can go into the gambling room. Going into the gambling room itself takes off 1 endurance due to the event right when you enter the room, and engaging in the gambling also takes off 1 endurance. Therefore, you must not do this while on the errands, because the endurance of the oni mask for those occasions is not enough to do both this and complete the errand.

You will automatically lose without first doing something else. If you lose, and you don't have the koban with you, it is game over. If you have the koban and you lose, you will lose the koban and also you will not be given a second chance to try gambling.

In order to win, you must first have the Kiki Mimi Zukin and listen near the grating. You cannot do this if the rat is in the way. The conversation selected is random, but once you get the one about the dice, you can use the sunekosuri to then retrieve the dice in the gambling room from the place where one of them is sitting. After retrieving the dice, you can win, but you must be sure not to have the dice with you when you go in to the gambling. After winning, you will receive the wind-stepping waraji, which will speed up your movement speed.

The banquet:
After getting a koi, crayfish, eel, or mermaid, as the girl, you can take it to the hifuki-baba in the kitchen and have her make the funamori, but you must have first at least completed one of her errands. Also, after delivering the funamori, you can talk to the hifuki-baba to get some extra endurance points on the oni mask. Depending on what you brought to the hifuki-baba, you will need to invite a certain number of people to the banquet. Both the girl and the sunekosuri can invite.
Koi: 6 people
Crayfish: 3 people
Eel: 9 people
Mermaid: 15 people

Needing to invite more people requires more work and gives no extra reward, so just using the Koi or the Crayfish should not be difficult, though it may feel satisfying inviting all 15 with the mermaid. If the guest doesn't show up due to bad rearrangement of the room, or if you can't access the crow tengu, it is recommended not to try the mermaid since you will be missing 1 or 2 of the required people. The ones you can invite are:

―Front side:
Kitchen: Hifuki-baba, Ohaguro-bettari (need to use centipede oil first)
Guest room: Guest (will not show up if you have too low of a score there)
2F Garden: Karakasa-obake
2F Exchange room: Te no me. After inviting the te no me, you can still perform exchanges afterwards by jumping over the counter and examining the books.
2F 3rd hall: Hitotsume-kozo

―Reverse side:
Stairs: Hitotsume-nyudo
Gambling room: 5 oni
Lavatory: Shiri no me
1F 2nd hall: Crow tengu. You need to have given the gold coin to the crow tengu first.
1F lower hall: transparent obake

After inviting the necessary number of people, go into the banquet space as the girl. You will be sent on an errand to retrieve the bell.

The bell for the girl is on the reverse side, the bell of yang. The bell for the sunekosuri is on the front side, the bell of yin. You can get both by using the mirror in the room. Once you get the bell, you cannot leave the room until you equip the bell. If the sunekosuri also equips the bell of yin, it will fuse into the bell of yin yang once you leave. Note: if the sunekosuri does not equip the bell once you leave, you will be stuck with the bell of yang and will not be able to get the bell of yin yang!

After getting the bell, you can go to the tatami room again. There, you must hand over the bell to the master. The master is the ungaikyou.

After handing over the bell, you will be transported to "inside the mirror." There, you can make a decision to stay or to return. If you decide to stay, and you have the bell of yin yang (as opposed to the bell of yang), you will get ending 7. Anything else, and you will continue the game for one of the other 6 endings, but with a different kind of credits that roll than if you haven't visited "inside the mirror."

This is the main mission if you're not going for ending 7. Only the girl can get these ofuda.

Lavatory: front side lavatory
Bridge: the front side pond, past the lily pads (need to sink the lily pads on the other side)
Storage room: 2F front side storage room, to the left of the garden (you need to have the lantern lit)
Well: after getting the small key, use it on the small shrine beside the well
Kitchen: reverse side kitchen (see above for how to get into the kitchen)
Pillar: past the hallway with the transparent obake
Four-way intersection: reverse side, outside the house a little

Ending 7: Fulfill the banquet mission, give the bell of yin yang to the master, choose "stay"
Ending 6: Go outside the house, and get the path wrong 7 times
Ending 5: Go outside the house, and get the path right 6 times, without a name. If you have the bell of yin yang, you will be given "immunity" from wrong guesses and can therefore avoid ending 6. If you don't have the bell of yin yang, it is essentially a game of luck.
Ending 4: After getting all of the ofuda, go to the first room, reverse side as the girl. Use the ofuda in the small shrines; it doesn't matter which order. Then, as the girl, observe the donation box at the shrine. Choose "go back" at the intersection afterwards.
Ending 3: Do the same as for ending 4, and choose "don't go back" at the intersection. Go through the paths indicated by the lights 7 times. If you remove the "naming card" before going through the first light, you will no longer have guiding lights (same for endings 2 and 1), but you can still get the ending through luck by guessing right 6 more times (or 7 times if you went through the wrong path on the first one).
Ending 2: Do the same as for ending 4, and ignore the donation box. Go into the shrine instead through the doors on the side. With the mirror, switch to the sunekosuri, and then have the sunekosuri go back to the beginning room. Sunekosuri can now walk down, and then be transported to the shrine. Jump into the shrine over the donation box. Observe the mirror. In the naming scene, choose not to give the sunekosuri a name.
Ending 1: Do the same as ending 2, but this time give the sunekosuri a name that is different from Sunekosuri.