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Selected translations from Stardust KRNKRN's miscellaneous notes

Mostly responses to fan-mail. Beware of spoilers below! Also to note: as of 2014 June 13, 10:53 Japan time, there are also 6 sprite theaters that are still untranslated. Please stand by to see them translated eventually!


Date: 2013 October 15

Dear Yukimushi,

Thank you for downloading and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
Congratulations for clearing the game with END1. I am happy you enjoyed it.
As you mentioned, with this, that kitchen might just a little better, won't it?
It is I who should say, thank you.
About the full names of the ones other than the main character, I have not decided on them yet. Possibilities for Officer Mochizuki and Sakuma vaguely come to mind, but I still have no idea for Suga's full name yet. Whenever I think of one, I might write it in one of these miscellaneous notes. (By the way, for Officer Mochizuki's name, his name will probably contain the kanji "洋")

No no, I am very happy to receive your wonderful thoughts on this game.
Thank you very much.


Date: 2013 October 17

Dear Yukimushi,

Hello. I thank you very much for sending me comments again.
So you've also introduced the game to one of your acquaintances? I am quite grateful.
I am quite happy that your acquaintance was able to enjoy it too.

As it seems like you have thought a lot about the game, even as it feels a little embarrassing for me, I still feel quite happy about it.
So about Suga, in actuality, your friend's considerations are closer to the reality. I can't say that this is strictly true, but he certainly does have some kind of connection with that character. (I'm sorry, that I'm being really vague here......) It's just that as the game advanced, it didn't become revealed to the public. I think that there is meaning to the fact that he lives for the present, and that he was forgiven.

Also, it's about after END1, but when I read Yukimushi's comment, my face began to make a smile. Of course, I think it'd be good to freely have one's own delusions about the happy future afterwards.
Thank you for the interesting comment.


Date: 2013 October 17

I am happy to have heard from people that they'd like to know more about the story.

And so, at home, the character sketches with their initial characterizations still remain at home, so I'll publish them here.

However, since there are merely ideas I had at first, it's not really all that much information.

※This contains plenty of spoilers.

※Since these are initial ideas, these contain characterizations and events that were later done away with.

※Since these are initial ideas, there are some characters who are a little different from here.

Kanzaki Shirori (see sketch by clicking on "source" above)
・Main character
・University student, 1st year (19 years of age?)
・A very studious kid
・She has perhaps almost zero spiritual sense
・But she is a human who is easily liked by spirits
・Doesn't cry a lot
・When she was a child, she was quite strong (perhaps strong even now)
・In order to get her away from the Kotori Obake's promise, her memories were erased.
Sakuma rescue event
Happens in the middle of running away from the spirit (gets injured)
(by taking the cloth along, the ending will change a little(?)
・While running away from the spirit, she breaks the thin glass door (because she is desperate)
・Perhaps she's a quiet and peaceful person.

Comments on this sketch:
Main character. she looked more like an adult in the very first sketch. But since it didn't look very pretty as a sprite, I changed it. I pictured her as being honest and calm. In my initial thoughts, she was a kid who did lots of action. She is quite an ordinary girl, but in various ways, she gives off the image of being like a handsome man.

Sakuma (see sketch by clicking on "source" above)
(Perhaps about a 2nd year middle schooler?)
Has spiritual sense (she can hear them and see them. She gets possessed by them)
・Quite a thorny personality
・Perhaps there will be a route where she dies?
・Is not good at dealing with Mochizuki (doesn't know how to face him very well)
・Doesn't dislike him
・Because of her spiritual sense, she gets made fun of at school, but her personality does make enemies easily in the first place
"I said it to the kids at school already but..." "I hate onee-sama"
Though she actually does quite like the main character.
・[Translator's note: I can't read the image very well. If someone else can decipher the parts I haven't translated yet, that would be greatly appreciated]

Comments on this sketch:
This is the character for which I cut out the most in the actual depiction (because I was out of energy).
I even made an event where she was made fun of by people at school, but I didn't use it. (The picture here of her speaking ill of others was also made with this in mind)
Also, there was no route where she did die in the game, but there did exist one until I nearly completed making the game, and in the end I deleted the route where she died. As a result, she lived.
By the way, since she was not looked upon as a child, she did not make any promise.

Suga (see sketch by clicking on "source" above)
・Since he has no voice, he talks entirely through memos.
It's because as a child, in order to save the main character, he gave it over to the Kotori Obake
・He can manufacture night glowstone. (He also makes necklaces)
・He is quite a serious and honest one, that [translator's note: I have difficulty reading the rest of this]
・Thus, there does exist a route where he dies.
・The reason why he is hated by the Kotori is "because he resembles that man..."
Cries instantly・He is very quick at feet.
・His cooking and drawing are both [translator's note: don't quite know what's written here]

Comments on this sketch:
His design is a little different from how he was actually implemented. The long hair was just so dark, that I made him short-haired. Also, at first, I had the impression of him as a more tempestuous psycho character, but after changing his design, he became a youth with a more soft, honest personality.
Other than in that one ending, he is fated to be unable to live happily. He is the one who bears the burden of that fate.

Mochizuki (see sketch by clicking on "source" above)
(Late 20's~early 30's)
・Village police officer
・But he was not originally from the village
・[Translator's note: can't quite read this]. Quite kind.
・Gets along with Suga quite well in a normal way.
・Zero spiritual sense
・In fact, he doesn't even believe in them.
・But, whatever the case, perhaps he's well-liked by spirits.
☆Maybe there'll be a divergence in the story at the Sakuma rescue event?
Fundamentally a helper
People of Suga and Mochizuki's type are ones who just can't leave things be.
Can't withstand anxiety

Comments about this sketch:
This was the character that I planned to have something to do with the divergence between Sakuma's survival or death
(Though afterwards, since Sakuma's death route was done away with, he no longer has anything to do with any divergence in the story)
Actually, in the beginning, that was what he was for.
Also, as he is quite like how a police officer is usually like in horror games, he doesn't appear very often.
But, I do quite like this character.

These characters were born from a novel that I wrote previously in the past. (Also, it wasn't horror, but ones from another work. Though it's embarrassing, so I didn't publicize them)
And so, in that novel, I didn't give them family names either.
But, Sakuma's family name will probably be "Miya" (美夜), and Mochizuki's will probably be something like "Yousuke" (洋介). For Suga, it'll be something like "something Tarou," so for now, I'll give him the name "Tarou" (太郎).

(※2013 October 18 Addendum: Suga's name is still undecided. I might give him the name "Tarou," or I might not. In fact, it's unclear whether or not I will be able to choose a name for him for now)

There's other stuff about the game too, but I'll add them eventually.

Since these are things that are depicted as an aside to the game's tale, I am quite happy about all the thinking people have put into what the story is.


Date: 2013 October 18

Dear Hoze,

Ah, so you've looked at the initial ideas for the characters and story of "Forest of Drizzling Rain," have't you. It does feel somewhat embarrassing for me.
But, I am quite happy you have come to like the characters.
Thank you very much.

Suga and Sakuma, in classification, are actual two people with much resemblance. Suga is the one who is a little more honest, but they both quite stubborn. So when it comes to yin and yang, they would lean towards yin.
The main character Kanzaki, and Mochizuki are the opposite.

Also thank you for your words of congratulations. I am quite happy that many have downloaded the game. In order to keep up with people's anticipations, I'll also work hard on the next one too.


Date: 2013 October 20

Dear Kaeru Pyoko Pyoko Mipyoko Pyoko

Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
I am quite glad you have come to like it.
Since you have seen all the endings, I am especially happy.
You've been able to enjoy it, haven't you.
About the graphics, I felt that I particularly wanted to make the characters' body proportions tall, and then I noticed that it fit with the game's atmosphere. (Although I am quite inexperienced)

It's also great that you've come to like the characters too. For Suga at first, I freely used a moving speed and graphics that would make one think, "just what is this guy," and made him come on to the stage fully with an air of seeming like a suspicious and dubious person. I am quite glad you have come to like him as he was like that. That's right! If I think about it, he does resemble [that character talked about in the email?] very well. It was one of the characters I liked as a kid.

I think that the characters after ED1, will surely pass their days in a calm, quite life. I am happy you have made wishes for the characters' happiness. I think that they would surely eat sweets, and live mellow lives (Suga does like sweets).

I should be the one to thank you for playing the game. From here on, I will work hard as well.


Date: 2013 October 28

I have recently gotten a lot of questions about the story.
I am quite happy that there is such interest in "Forest of Drizzling Rain"

But as for how much of it would be good to reveal...

I intended to sort out everything that would be sorted out, in the game itself.
However, going along with the game's contents, the story I imagined did change a little.

Thus, parts of the story that wasn't written in the game itself might be superfluous, things that don't really add much even if revealed

Also, the main character Shiori and Suga have various connections of fate with the "Kotori Obake" and "that man," that would make things really more complicated than they need to be. If I tried to actually tell all about it, it would be really long.

And thus, I have tried to abbreviate it, and itemized the big picture as for why Shiori and Suga have such a connection with them, which I think I'll speak of here.

(※The timeline and the order of events is also quite a mess. There's parts where I've wrote things incorrectly, and also parts I've omitted)

The parts of the story that didn't take form, were things that didn't fit.

As this is all just "considerations taken much too further," if you like to enjoy your own considerations and thoughts, then please by all means do go along with your own thoughts.

※For some people, the story may seem really gloomy, and it might have a bit of immaturity in this writing as well.

※Also this time, I have not set much a personality to the characters presented here.

Here, are only parts of the story that are relevant to the main story.

About the Kotori Obake (woman) and that man

(click on the "source" link above for a sketch of the woman and the little boy)

・The day the woman, who would later become "Kotori Obake," and the man met is the day before the woman would get married.
・The next day, that man, who saw the wedding procession, got acquainted with a young man (henceforth, "Ogami-san")

・The young man was the older brother of the woman.

(When the family that the woman married into was punished, the reason why the young man's family was not punished was because the family that gave forth the wife is not treated as part of the family)

⇒The "Kotori Obake" and the first "Ogami-sama" were originally siblings related by blood. In other words, Shiori is too.

Shiori resembles the person that the woman desires

・As that man, by chance, came to have something to do with the woman, his feelings of love for her came to grow. (This despite the fact that throughout his live, he never touched the woman at all)
・When the woman was carrying her second child, this became the tale of a series of events of the story of the game that resulted in her falling into insanity.

・After the woman died, the man somehow gets a "curse" on his own soul.

・The curse then moved into a rock, and thus carried a mysterious power

・Afterwards, the woman became the "Kotori Obake" and descended upon the village.
After that, when a fragment of the rock was given to the young man (the brother of the woman), the anecdote of the night glowstone came forth.

⇒The night glowstone has powers of protection, but it is most certainly not a power that protects the person carrying it.
Its effects of forgetfulness is a byproduct born from the curse that the man suffered.

・The "Kotori Obake" detests the night glowstone as "something that came from that man," and thus can never "take it."

⇒Thus, the night glowstone cannot purify the Kotori Obake, nor can it end the curse.

・Also, only humans whose souls have been etched with the curse can manufacture things with the night glowstone. (Ordinary humans who attempt to manufacure things with them will only result in it decaying immediately, and would only result in useless things)

⇒That curse, is etched in Suga

Suga's burden

・The place where Suga had a workshop for night glowstone, was originally the place where that man manufactured things with the stone.
・In actuality, before he was ever warned by Shiori, he had gone in that place.
(Shiori, by instinct, had a bad feeling about it, and thus gave a warning to Suga)

・After the promise with the "Kotori Obake," at the workshop, Suga himself came to have the curse on himself.

⇒At the very beginning, Suga was called there by that man's soul. Suga is a person who is able to take in the curse.

⇒As nothing remained for him except to protect Shiori, he made this decision without hesitation.

・The reason why the spirits of the children were unusually afraid of Suga is not just because of the night glowstone, but also because they felt that man's curse in him.

・Because of the curse, the shrieks and wails of the children and all their negative feelings continuously cause feelings of agony directly in his heart.

・In order to end the curse, it is necessary to save the woman, and "be forgiven."

・In other words, since he's burdened with both the "curse" and the "promise," other than in ED1, he is a person who absolutely cannot attain happiness.

――Also, there is a little on the back-story of Sakuma, but I'm tired so I'll write about it whenever I have the chance.

By the way, Officer Mochizuki's backstory is surprisingly thin. Perahh perahh!

Perhaps he's just an amazingly ordinary person who's a little amiable.

But he is one of the characters I greatly like in this game.

Even so, I get the feeling this might not be the backstory that people keep on asking me about.

It's not more...... of stuff this, is it now perhaps.

Perhaps it might have been better to write about lighter parts of the story like "the rope in the mansion is there fundamentally to be used for capturing Sakuma" and things like that?


Date: 2013 October 29

Dear reira,

How was the back story? It does feel a little embarrassing. I think that I probably didn't meet what people were hoping for, but I'm happy if you did enjoy it.

Also about the characters' personalities...... I really do wonder what would be good for me to write. As the characters of "Kirisame" were ones that I have pulled from other creations of mine, their personalities have become quite complicated, so I don't quite know what I should talk about...... also, I'm not very good at talking about the characters' personalities outside of the main tale.

Furthermore, fundamentally, as for the characters' personalities, I think that it'd be best for "the audience" to "go along with their own feelings about it freely." Even though they're characters, as long as they take on the shape of being people, I don't think there really is absolutes.

However, if for example I am asked about such a situation such as "would Suga choose hotcakes (pancakes) or waffles," I would give the answer, "he would wonder about this for a little while, and during that time everything would be already eaten, and would silently decline until given something new." (By the way, Shiori and Mochizuki prefer waffles, and Sakuma prefers hotcakes (pancakes)).

...... Somehow, I've strayed into a really trivial topic. My apologies. If you can be okay with meaningless things like this, perhaps I'll say more again. If there's something you're concerned about, please do ask me. I think I'd be able to ask.

I am quite happy that you have this much interest in "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
I truly thank you.


Date: 2013 November 1

Dear Miya,

Thank you for the thoughts you sent me. We've met various times on the web before, but I am especially glad you have had an interest in "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
Furthermore, I am quite glad to have received such wonderful thoughts on this game.
It's great that you have come to like ED1. And so, ED1 is the only scenario where Suga's voice comes back, but without even anguishing over it, he was prepared to flee right after.

About Suga's shy and embarrassed face, it was something extra added near the end of when I was making the game. I think that when he actually let out of his mouth the person's name that he wanted to call, a lot of various thoughts crisscrossed in his mind. Surely afterwards, it's because of shyness and embarrassment, that he used memos again, isn't it.

Also, it's great that you really did feel fear from this! It is a game that doesn't have much that is horror upfront, but rather has a lot of more plain, indirect horror, so I was a bit uneasy, wondering "is it alright to say it's horror-like......"

Also, the sprite theaters in these miscellaneous notes are really just trivial matters, but I am glad you enjoyed them.

And so, I am quite honestly surprised that there were many who like Suga. I didn't intend to make him out to be a handsome man, and he is also quite a stubborn person who quite far from the norm.
However, it is certainly true that he is quite diligent and honest, and is therefore quite a frank person. (In the game itself, he did hide his mind and heart a lot, but that was probably because of his pains)



Date: 2013 November 8

Dear Akiwo,

Thank you for downloading and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."

I am very grateful that you played it over several times in order to see all the endings. It is certainly true that other than in ED1, there isn't much of any happy development. Thank you very much for trying so hard to save him. I am very happy if you enjoyed doing so.
I think that surely the Suga-san who was downloaded to you, Akiwo, was saved by your kindness.

Also, I'll respond to the questions that you sent me.  ...... Even so, in actuality, those two mysteries was mainly because I ran out of energy in making this game, and it's probably not very interesting, but are you okay with that?

As for your question (1), that place came open in all of the ED. In other words, that was the place that connected the underground to the mansion. The reason why it didn't open was because the night glowstone right in front of it was not broken.
As for the inner door (2), it is not possible to enter there in the game. In actuality, it was possible to go in there while I was making the game, and there were two events there, but as I was wrapping up the story, that event became no longer necessary, and thus when I completed the game, it was no longer possible to enter it. That event was one of the flags that determined whether or not you can rescue Sakuma from the route where she dies. To put it simply, since Sakuma's death route was gotten rid of, this event was also gotten rid of. By the way, when one does go into that inner door, you would come out of an outdoors staircase of the mansion, and it connected to the place that Mochizuki was shut in.
That is all, this does feel somewhat embarrassing.

No no, I should be the one thanking you for playing it.
Definitely, if you are going to play my next work as well, I think I'd be very happy about that.
Thank you very much!


Date: 2013 November 2

Dear riri69


ED5 is the ending where there is the least that can be saved. Needless to say about about Suga, as there are few endings where the main character is depicted to lose her life, only this ED5 suggested it, and at the time of the monologue, the main character already has had her heart wrecked.



Date: 2013 November 11

Dear Hoze,

Hello. [Note: For now, I am skipping a paragraph concerning a comment regarding the sprite theater, which I will translate later. So, skipping this for now...]

Also, since I have been awaiting this, I now feel like talking about the characters of "Kirisame" asked about, and that novel I wrote in the past.

At that point, I wrote something like this.

(Go to "source" to see the image. The title in the image is, "Taciturn Suga and Easy-going Kanzaki")

As you can see from the title, I have pretty much used this Suga and put him in "Kirisame."
However, in the novel, he wasn't one who "can't talk," but one who "wouldn't talk." But, his personality in the game is pretty much the same, and perhaps I could even say that the novel had more of a direct sense of his young-ness as a student. Also, Shiori's personality was also pretty much the same as in the novel, but when she was made to be the game's main character, complex parts of her personality were omitted.
As it was practice in depicting characters without quotation marks, the content of the novels were short stories of daily live scenes of "seeming to mesh with each other, but not meshing with each other."
Sakuma and Mochizuki are also characters pulled from yet another story I wrote.

Also, the black turtleneck that Suga wears in "Kirisame" is a vestige of how he did not throw away the gakuran (school uniform) of that time.

――As a result, I have talked a lot about stuff not really related to "Kirisame."
And furthermore, it seems like I probably didn't meet what you were hoping for.
I do apologize for that.

But it is enjoyable to receive questions like this.
Thank you very much.

I'm slowly working on my next work, so definitely, let's have exchanges next time as well.


Date: 2013 November 13

Dear Kuro,

Nice to meet you. Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
I am quite happy that you've seen all the endings and has felt moved by it. I am quite happy to have received such thoughts.
I did feel a little uncertain about the horror elements and the feelings of tension given in the game, but as it seems like it was able to make your heart go pit-a-pit, I feel a little relieved.
Also, I'm quite glad you've come to like Shiori and Suga. Since they are the main characters of the story, I am quite glad you were able to have a favorable impression of them.
Also, I feel quite moved that you've made various considerations about the role of Shiro and Suga. Shiori and Suga are as you've said, Kuro.
At first, depicted Shiori with the image of a strong person in mind, but as you've said Kuro, she too has had her share of pain. As opposed to how she doesn't resist doing things for someone else, but feels very pained when someone else makes sacrifices for her. The influence of her parents and Suga were especially strong.

This does stray somewhat from the main subject, but for Shiori to plead, "I wanna be shown the museum," and talk about the reason for that, was actually quite an unusually brave thing for her to do. The reason why Suga showed a reaction to what Shiori said in an instant was, in addition to that reason, also because he felt turmoiled by her situation. Thinking that, Suga-kun is a young person who is not very good at taking on a blunt attitutde. As you've mentioned, Kuro, perhaps he may be a little clumsy.

Also, Kuro, about how other than ED1, you've also liked ED2. If there is a part of this ED that you admire, I am quite happy about that.
For this ending, I actually did worry and wonder if I should put reverse it with ED3 in ordering. (It doesn't have much meaning, but I put them in order of how good they felt)
However, in ED2, since Suga's will strongly shone forth, I made this 2. It is a very agonizing ED for Suga, but he unquestioningly believed that this was the best option.

Sorry, that it has gotten so long. It's great that you have also enjoyed reading the other miscellaneous notes as well. From here on, I might spill more in large drops, but I feel quite thankful if you enjoy them.

Do certainly come also play my next work too.
Thank you very much.

Dear Hoze,

No no, I am quite happy to have received such interesting questions. They were so interesting, that end up talking at length quite a lot, so my apologizes for that. I should be the one to thank you.

That's right. The one who ran through the darkness was Suga. Compared to the latter half, there were a lot of things that occurred in the museum in the first half that were quite blockheaded. (Sakuma is especially striking when it comes to this, isn't she)

Also, about my previous reply, it was quite something embarrassing. There were even more block-headed things in there than there was in the game, and it was quite an amateurish story that was fundamentally relaxed in mood, with some complications from time to time.

No no, I'm not exactly good at replying, so I am happy to receive questions concretely.
I find it quite fortunate that you have come to have such interest, Hoze. Thank you very much.

Hoze, take care of yourself as well.
I'll also try hard on working on finding good words to reply worth.
As always, tank you very much.

Dear Aki,

Nice to meet you. Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain." I thank you very much for seeing the ED without any problems. Concerning "even if it seemed like one was about to be kidnapped," this is even more so if that one's child is there. [Translator's note: not sure about the last sentence. As there there were some heavy and gloomy depictions in some parts of it, I truly thank you very much for playing until the end.

Also, I enjoyed very much reading your point of view on the endings. There were a lot of things in your thoughts, Aki, that I think was as such.
For example, even though ED1 is the best one, since it is the ED among them all that one has the least probability of reaching (although difficulty is a different matter), I think it is the fate with the least chance of happening.
The reason for that was as you said, Aki. There definitely is the connections of fate that Shiori has, but for Suga's, there were most certainly many things that were of his own decision, and the fetters that he possesses are entangled in a curious way, that they would result in various conclusions. This, and the parts of the story I wrote in the miscellaneous notes etc., was abbreviated in the story as it developed in the game, but I was quite surprised you were able to pick it up while playing it. At the same time, I cannot help but feel happy that you've thought so much about "Kirisame."
And so as you've done so much that it might even be more than it deserves, though it feels quite embarrassing, I have finally gotten glad about it. However, the reason why I haven't been able to put this part into good use was, more than anything, because I ran out of energy in creating this game. In order to keep up my activity next time, I'll do my best, looking back.

Also, this is somewhat of a side story of Suga when Shiori ended up going into the forest, but perhaps, if Suga was depicted at the moment, it would be a rock-bottom dark depiction. When he would notice that Shiori is not in the mansion, I think that his innermost thoughts would sping around with terrible thoughts of regret and indignation. Starting with "why did she end up going outside," it would then become "why did she end up staying over at the museum," and then finally "why did she, at that time......" and then go back to the past. I think that even then, since Suga has already decided what he needed to do, as his heart got wild, even if it's painful or difficult, he can't grow dull in his actions.
----No good, as I thought it really is a rock-bottom dark, isn't it.

This sort of karmic fate and connections remains behind in a strongly pronounced way, and thus I don't think there is much that goes away, but just like how in this world there is no "eternity" so I think think there will eventually be a time when it will end, and be purified.
That is ED1 isn't it.
Even if it is a fate with a low probability of happening, this is the reason why it is the best one in this work.

Also, Aki, concerning how you wrote about Suga's memos, I finally let out some laughter.
That's right, isn't it!
Suga uses a memo really stubbornly, Shiori and Sakuma might just hide the memo away.
And then Suga would surely become pale and sweating, and flustered.
Looking at that, Shiori's heart might go pit-a-patter a little, but I think that perhaps Sakuma would just embrace her belly and laugh.
And of course as a result, she would get scolded tediously by Mochizuki, shouldn't she.

Making further thoughts about your thoughts, Aki, was quite fun.
For wishing that the characters would attain happiness, thank you very much.

It's somehow become quite a lengthy hard-to-read reply, so my apologizes for that.
If you would like, do definitely play my next work too.
It is I who should say, thank you very much!

Dear Yukikage

Nice to meet you. Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain." And so, I thank you very much for clearing all the ED. I am especially happy that you played this game despite the fact that you usually don't have much chance to play free games.
I should be the one to thank you, Yukikage, for sending me so many thoughts. Thank you very much!

And so about Suga, who you had an interest in. Since there are so many who has come to like him, my onfusion right now is at a peak. (Of cours,e I am happy. Because he is quite an important character to me)

So you've come to like him in the first half, who, besides being said to be a "black telephone pole" by Sakuma, also had many incomprehensible parts in that first half. So you've come to like him because of intuition? No no, perhaps it is the victory of your intuition, Yukimushi. And for what he kept on holding onto to actually turn out as you said, Yukimushi.

I truly thank you for wishing for his and Shiori's happiness. My chest becomes warm at such a kind heart. I am quite blessed if this work was able to touch your heartstrings just a little, Yukimushi.

Perhaps even after ED1, there will be difficulties and things that can't be helped, but we do wish that the destination will surely be bright. Besides Shiori is in a comparatively more optimisti situation......, and although Suga does dread his high nervousness, that also means that he's also quite bold in places isn't he. (This is somewhat unrelated, but it is definitely beause of this that Suga turns his cooking completely black)
If you would, do make your own thoughts about the happy scenery that would take place aftewards.
Besides, as you said, Yukimushi, there's also Sakuma and Mochizuki! (Although those two are quite noisy at times)

Also, it's great that it's there was not just ED1, but also other endings that you liked.
ED2, after 1, can be said to be a special ED.
Excluding 1, it was the best option for Suga to protect Shiori, and I think it is the ending that was based on him the most.

Yukimushi, after first seeing ED5, and you then saw 4→3→2→1, but since the only ED where everything was saved was 1, it was great that you played until the end! And so I thank you for having such kindness after playing. I am feel happy about that from the bottom of my heart. If it's fine with you, do make wishes for the characters' happiness.

No no, I am quite happy to have received such wonderful thoughts.
I should be the one apologizing for making such a hard to read reply.
Once again, I thank you very much for playing. Do definitely next time, come play my next work as well.
Thank you very much!

Dear HAR

Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain." I feel quite happy that you played and cleared it several times. I truly thank you.

And so about your question, I will answer it here. The "cannot see her anymore" meant that "my grandchild no longer goes in my sight" = "I no longer meet with my grandchild" but still loves her, is what it meant.

And so, about the reason for the death of Shiori's parents, that was not because of the Kotori Obake, but rather simply because of an accident. The Kotori Obake at that time was quite far away, and since Shiori herself has no memory of it, it wasn't able to directly cause any harm.
After both parents died, the reason why Shiori saw a dream of what seemed like the Kotori Obake calling her, was also because of a memory that laid dorment in the bottom fo her heart, and wasn't caused by the Kotori Obake.

However as for why she saw the dream, the death of her parents was impetus.
Also, the following is a delusion of my own that would just be alright if it went in one ear and out the other and you said farewell to it, but...... the night glowstone is something that reflect's people's strong feelings, after all, isn't it?
(After all, that was how the stone was originally made) Of course, the thoughts and feelings of the one who made it should be the strongest, but perhaps the feelings of other people might also go into it in small quantities. However, just like how the night glowstone decays when ordinary humans try manufacturing it, perhaps when both parents died, an opportunity to see the "dream" was born, I think.

----I'm sorry, I've diverged from the topic. Now back to the main topic.

HAR, about how you personally liked Sakuma. I am quite happy about that. Because Sakuma is a character I quite like as well. She has a straightforward, bad-mouthed, and harsh personality, but is actually quite a sweet and lovely child, I think. "I will be very happy if she appears again in some other work." ...... Even with just that, I am very happy about it.
There are no plans as of yet, but I think it might be good for me to make her the heroine sometime.

It is I who should thank you for these thoughts and questions. It was quite fun!
If it's fine with you, do definitely play my next work too!


Date: 2013 November 14

Dear Tuna Can,

Thank you for downloading and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
I made it with the ED in mind at the same time, so if you've come to like various things, I find that quite fortunate.

ED4 was certainly a "lifting it up and dropping it" kind of development, so my apologizes for that, but if you were able to sympathize with the game and get a heartrending feeling from it, I am quite happy about that.
However, compared to his mental state would have been in ED5, it stands to reason that he would have comparatively smiled more in ED4, is what I silently think.

Also, as you've said, after Shiori went into the forest, Suga was tormented by various feelings of regret and anger. However, there was but one thing that he thought he needed to do, and that is why he acted that way.----This area tends to get very dark, doesn't it.

Also, I'm glad you liked ED1, Tuna Can.
In the end, Suga, who returned to using memos, will perhaps keep on using memos at least for the while. Perhaps contrary to anyone's expectations, he might be able to write faster than he can talk. Could that possibly?

I thank you very much for your regards.
Tuna Can, please take care of yourself too.
My next one might not be a horror one, but if it's fine with you, I'd be very happy if you'd play it too.


Date: 2013 November 15

Dear Mizuki,

Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain." I am happy more than anything that you were able to enjoy it. I am very grateful that you were able to see all the endings.

I am also happy that you liked ED1 so much, that it brought you to tears.

That's right, as you said, if you think about the disposition of the tale of "Forest of Drizzling Rain," I think a little that it stands to reason that originally one would arrive at one of the ED5~2.
If that is so, then ED2, which you mentioned to be quite heartrending, might have been the best course of action especially to Suga. Putting his own pain as something separate.

Also, about your question about Shiori's memory in ED2, perhaps after ED2, perhaps she won't ever remember it ever again.----Even so, since what happened after the ED did not take form in the game, I think that one should freely think about and consider it as one would wish. (Because even though they're characters, as long as they live taking on the shape of being people, I don't think there really is absolutes.)

Just like how it can be said that "as long as people live and act, it can't be said that everything simply goes as according to reason," and that "there is nothing that continues on forever," I don't think it'd be strange for there to sometime be some kind of "salvation."
I think that the result that's related to that is ED1.
And so, as you have said that you liked ED1 the best, I am truly glad about it.

Thank you for your warm words once again!
If it's fine with you, please do play my next one as well.

Dear OG,

Nice to meet you, and thank you for downloading and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain." I am quite glad you have liked it.

I felt somewhat uncertain about how there the horror elements in the first half of it was weak, but I felt relieved that you were able to feel fear in the second half.
Also, I feel quite happy that it was able to make you let out some tears as well.
Also, OG, even though you were not so good at playing horror games, you still played it to the end, didn't you.
My sincerest gratitude for that.
Thank you very much.

Also, about your question, as for that, it was something I took into consideration in respect to the game balance in many portions. Because I thought that if, at that time one was being chased forever, one didn't have a single stone, it would have been quite some trouble.----However, that stone was probably not made by Suga. As of now, only Suga is able to accurately process that stone, but I think there existed several humans who manufactured things with that stone in the past. However, since nobody was able to purify the curse, the humans who were able to process the stone have come to an end. However, its vestiges remained in the forest, didn't it.

And so, as for how Suga was at the very beginning, at first there were parts where he was quite dark, and had an even stronger disposition "not to reflect on anything" than in the game. But, that being the case, in addition to to the disposition that he had in the tale of the game, he thought that it became a situation that had no possible salvation, and thus underwent various changes, which is the "Suga" in the game. By the way, that picture book that Suga drew, he drew with deadly seriousness. He drew it with absolute seriousness.

No no, I should be the one thanking you for your wonderful thoughts.
I am grateful that you have given such considerations. Take care of yourself as well, OG.

Since it has now become winter, the pace at which I am making my next work will fall a little, but if it's fine with you, I'd like you to play it too.


Date: 2013 November 19

Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
Also, I thank all who have come to have interest in this.

Due to various circumstances, it has become difficult to respond to thoughts that I receive. I am very sorry about this.

However, I think that at least I'd like to answer the questions I am able to answer.

I will read all the thoughts I receive with care and consideration.
I am quite happy to receive such wonderful thoughts about it.
I am also thankful for any reports about bugs and errors, and also opinions as well.

There are also many times when I get surprised about the considerations people have made and think, "wow, so you've thought that far have you," and carefully catch from them a great sense of fulfillment.

For people to not just like the story and characters, but also look forward to enjoying the next work, and also enjoy the sprite theaters, even though I do feel a little apologetic, I do honestly feel happy about it. Also, as it seems like people overseas have also played this as well, my happiness about this is endless.

I am grateful, from my heart.
Thank you very much!

■Below, I'd like to reply to the questions I've received.

※There are some that contain spoilers, so becareful about that.

※I take the stance that these are "parts of the story that didn't take shape, so these are nothing more than considerations," and thus there are no absolutes.

※There are some cases where I make answers I don't quite understand. (Because I am confused)

※Fundamentally, it is very appreciated for people to freely make their own interpretations.

■Does Mochizuki ordinarily visit the museum other than for matters concerning Sakuma?■

――I think he goes there on rare occasions. Well actually he doesn't particularly have any need to go there, so perhaps he just goes there to see what the situation is, and confirm is Sakuma is there. However, Mochizuki, as opposed to Sakuma and Suga's type, has a sensor that just can't let things go, and therefore perhaps he sometimes does a one-sided gossip, laughs, and goes back.

■Does Suga live in the museum?■

――He does live there. He certainly does have very few personal belongings. Perhaps it's an aspect of him that he has very little consciousness concerning the "need to have one's own things" (or perhaps is restraining himself). This is an acquired trait of his, so perhaps after ED1, he might perhaps just have more things.

■Who collected the things of the museum?■

――The things that the Kanzaki family originally possessed are the majority of it, and the rest was collected through donations.

■Meaning of the number on the calendar scrap■

――It was the day of the promise to "protect."

■Who wrote the memos in the underground room?■

――An "ogami-sama" who conveniently came to know about the twisted "truth," and Shiori's father who came to know about it.

■About the rope■

――The rope that Shiori found is normally used in order to catch Sakuma. Thus, other than the place where the rope was found, there are actually some others placed in reserve in various other places as well. As for why, it's becaues Sakuma is quite nimble, and runs away darting around inside the mansion.

■Suga's cooking is full of ashes, but is his stomach alright?■

――Perhaps, it is alright. However, unlike Shiori, it's not as if he is the type who has a strong stomach, and is the type who can't drink cold milk.

Also, concerning any thoughts like "is there something, strange about this......?" that he might have about his own cooking. He does think that sometimes, but in the end, as for what is strange, doesn't come to his mind. Even when he eats it, it tends to be something like "it's a little bitter, but it's sweet, so it's alright."

■If did exist a route where Sakuma died, what would have happened in that development?■

――If Sakuma's death route did exist, I think there would have been one more ED. In fact, it would have been one where right before when one escapes, Shiori's life falls into the hands of the Kotori Obake. But if that were to happen, it would have made it somewhat difficult to get all the endings, and it would have been a hindrance at wrapping up the story, so I cut it out. Besides, even in the case of a game over, I also thought, "this is not different from an END where Shiori's life fell into the Kotori Obake's hands," which is an additional reason.

■How tall are the characters?■

――Shiori is not very tall, nor very short. Perhaps he is about average for a grown female, or perhaps is about 2~3 centimeters taller than average.
Sakuma is small, isn't she. She is a middle school student, so she'll probably grow taller, but as of now she isn't even 150 centimeters tall.
Suga is tall. In fact, even his sprite is the tallest. Perhaps he's at least 180 centimeters.
Mochizuki is about 173-135 centimeters. He is also about 2~3 centimeters taller than an average adult male.

■What was that book?■

――I'll leave that to your imagination.

■What is Suga-kun's 100m time?■

――I don't know. But if one were to actually see it, I think it'd be so fast, one might just say, "ehh......! U-, uwah......" about it.

■About their relation after ED1, and about love■

――Fundamentally, I leave that to your own imagination.

However, since there are many who have asked about this, I think I'll say a little from my own pet theories.
However, since the story after the game is not determined, it isn't something very important.
Also, I take the stance that these are merely my own "imaginations."

After all, I think that it is best to just freely make your heart go around about this however you wish.

【↓※Below, it is something that feels embarrassing, so read it by highlighting it↓】

There are particularly many questions about Suga and Shiori, so I'll write mainly about these two.

First, about the question, "are there feelings of romantic love?"...... well I do wonder.
Of course, just like in the past, the fact that these two are important to each other does not change. However, as months and days pass, these two who have become all separated, I think that it is not as if everything is simply remaining as is.
Also, about how Suga feels concerning Shiori, in a certain sense he's in a state of shaking her off too much, but as for what kind of affection it was until now, he hasn't had much room to thik about it.

...... In any case, I get the vague sense that they would start by "returning to being the childhood friends they were."

But, I think it would take just an instant for them to return to having a good relation, and perhaps people like Sakuma would think irritatedly, "what the heck does this mean?"

――However, concerning the question "will these two work for each other?" I think that there exist many paths and patterns that could turn out, and so I can't say there is any kind of unconditional developments here. Of course, since they're humans, they are sometimes shaken up by their pasts. However, in this case this is probably not due to any kind of karmic fate, and I think that the story after ED1 can change due to the various actions they could take.

And so, perhaps as one might not expect, they might just get along quite smoothly.
Perhaps one of them might just take and drag along the other's hand.
Perhaps these two would slowly accumulate kind feelings in their hearts.

Or, perhaps these kinds of feelings might not come forth.
And so, of course I think there are possibilities where things might get complicated or get sour.

Suga does have elements leading to such developments in him, and Shiori is certainly not a perfect person either. (If I write about it, it'll get long, so I'll do it when I get another chance)

――Although I do think that Shiori isn't one that can't accept those parts of Suga, and Suga isn't someone who doesn't notice and doesn't do anything about Shiori's weaknesses.

The point is, this can end up falling into various situations depending on situation and timing, and it's certainly up to those times about whether they can overcome or not overcome things.

...... In the end, it's just leaving it up to your own imagionation, isn't it. My apologies.

However, I think that for thoughts like these, it is alright to just ignore some of it.


Date: 2013 December 3

Thank you for downloading, and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."
As I've been able to receive various thoughts and feelings about this game, I feel blessed about this from the bottom of my heart, and will read each one of them with great care. It'd be great if they can serve as a reference and something to reflect on from here on, I think. Thank you very much.

Also, there were some who have raised some voice about wanting me to make a page for info about the story of the game, as well as for the sprite theaters, but since I have created a category in the miscellaneous notes for the sprite theaters, if you select that, you will see only the sprite theaters. Apologies for things like the info about the story etc., but for now, I think I will want treat these as miscellaneous notes. Please acknowledge this.

■From here on, I think I will want to make replies to questions.

※There are some cases where I can't provide an answer all questions. Please acknowledge this.

※There are some cases where there will be spoilers. Please be careful of this.

※I take the stance that "parts of the story that didn't take form are nothing more than mere thoughts or considerations," and so there are no absolutes.

※There are some cases where I make answers I don't quite understand. (Because I am confused)

※Fundamentally, it is very appreciated for people to freely make their own interpretations.

■How did Suga get to know Shiori?■

When Suga got lost and was about to cry, Shiori found him.

■Why does Suga call Shiori "Shii-chan?■

As Suga's voice is small, and is the type of person to lower his voice as he talks, I think it was because it was easier to say "Shii-chan."

■About Shiori's name■

At first, Shiori, like the other characters, had only her last name "Kanzaki." However since Suga called her "Shii-chan," she thus became Shiori from that. The names of the character in "Kirisame" come almost all from "as it seems like they should naturally be."

■The season within the work was summer, but why do Suga and Sakuma wear long sleeves?■

The reason why Sakuma wears a long-sleeed sailor uniform is because of the ghosts that sometimes come to touch her. (Among them perhaps there are some that are quite impropietous)
For Suga, think it's because he does not pay attention to the seasons, and also he doesn't like the cold. Even so, when I think about if he wears think clothing in the winter, I think that doesn't do that nevertheless.

■Is Sakuma's name read "Miyoko," or "Miyako"?■

Perhaps, "Miyako."

■Who is the one who are the targets of making a promise with Kotori Obake?■

If she thinks of one as a "child," then they are all "children," and thus become a target for

■Is 阿座河村 read "Azakawa-mura?■

It is "Azakawa-mura."

■Do you have your original illustrations?■

My apologies. I don't normally draw many pictures, and so I haven't been very good at keeping hold of my illustration data, and there are no game illustrations that remain except for the ones of the size used in the game.

■Suga holds a sword with his left hand, but is he left-handed?■

He seems left-handed, doesn't he. But, he might be of the type who corrects himself to use the right one in writing words and in eating.
It's a bit embarrassing, but I just noticed this when you mentioned this to me.

■Do Suga, Sakuma have cell phones? How do they keep in touch with people?■

Suga does not have a cell phone. But perhaps he might at least be able to use something like a personal computer. But I think in his case, it is easier for him to write words. Also, if he were to use phones, perhaps his usage level would be equal to simply using voice mail, maybe. For Sakuma, perhaps she might eventually have one. Or rather, perhaps she will eventually be given one.


Date: 2014 January 27


※I left out about 3 questions I was able to answer, so I made an addendum for them below.
※Among the questions I already answered, I have also made an addendum rethinking my answer.

(Addendum 2014.1.28)

Thank you for downloading and playing "Forest of Drizzling Rain."

Thank you for your thoughts and feelings about this game.
I will read them with great care and attention.
Sometimes, I receive thoughts and feelings that I am quite taken aback by and receive a feeling of stimulation from, so I can only give thanks for it.
And so, I will also consider and reflect on all your various words from now on, and take them as food for thought.
Truly, thank you all very much.

■From here on, I think I will want to make replies to questions.

※There are some cases where I can't provide an answer all questions. Please acknowledge this.

※There are some case where I might change my answer afterwars. Please acknowldge this.

※There are some cases where there will be spoilers. Please be careful of this.

※I take the stance that "parts of the story that didn't take form are nothing more than mere thoughts or considerations," and so there are no absolutes.

※There are some cases where I make answers I don't quite understand. (Because I am confused)

※Fundamentally, it is very appreciated for people to freely make their own interpretations.

■How does Suga call Sakuma and Mochizuki?■

I think that perhaps, he fundamentally never calls (or writes) their names.
Perhaps, if he were ever to call them by name afterwards, he would, like normal, call Mochizuki "Officer Mochizuki."
Perhaps he would call Sakuma by only by her last name, or perhaps going along like how he calls Shiori, he might call Sakuma the same way too.


Above, I've written that in his memos, he doesn't write their names...... is the answer I premised my answered above on, but if he were to write their names in his memos, he might write Sakuma with the honorific "-san" attached. If he were attach "-chan" in his writings, it would probably be attached to Shiori's name.

This somehow feels quite puzzling...... and more importantly I do apologize for giving such an ambiguous answer. In the end, after suddenly thinking once again about his personality and his situation, I found it difficult to decide on an answer, and thus I added all this as an addendum.

■The character have various family backgrounds, but does Mochiuki have one?■

As he's human, he has has one, I think.
Perhaps for Officer Mochizuki, both his parents are healthy, and is a person who has many brothers.
His grandfather and grandmother are also in good health.

■Is Suga bad at drawing pictures?■

I think that Suga is not bad at it, and is surely perhaps full of originality to the point of insanity.

■Even though Sakuma is pretty, why doesn't she get along very well at school?■

Concerning merits and demerits among the community at school, from an objective viewpoint, there are situations where looking pretty or ugly, or ability at school, don't really matter. It is the people who are cheerful, interesting, or perhaps scary, who have powers of influence. In this kind of environment, there are many special aspects of this, so Sakuma, who has quite a severe personality by nature, wouldn't get along very well, right? Also, it's not that she is most certainly a meanie, but she tends to clearly say what she thinks whether it's good or bad. I think she's clumsy when it comes to being sensitive to others.

■How many design patterns do the monsters have?■

14 patterns.
While I was creating their designs, their number increased for some reason.

■What are the characters' birthdays?■

I haven't thought about precise dates at all.

It's only a maybe, but Shiori's might be sometime between spring and summer.
Mochizuki's would be in the summer.
Sakuma's would be in the autumn or winter or in between.
Suga's would be neither in the summer or autumn, and so perhaps he was born in the spring or winter.

■How would "Kotori Obake" be written with kanji?■

It would be 子捕り (child-snatching) or 子盗り (child-stealing).
In either case, the "tori" part would have the meaning, "to snatch/steal."

■Why is "Kotori Obake" written with hiragana?■

The biggest reason is that it's the easiest to read on the face of it.
Also, since one would first see it in the picture book, one would mainly think of it as a legendary folktale told about to children, and thus it was consolidated as written in hiragana.
However, since it seems like there were many who thought it was 小鳥 (little bird), and I imagined that in that case, it would perhaps end up becoming a terribly cute monster.

■Does the Kotori Obake have a name?■

She had a name while alive.
However, there remains no name for her anymore except for "Kotori Obake."
And so as of now, even I don't know of it.

■As for those pieces of paper left in Suga's room, were they all for showing to Sakuma?■

He uses them when lost children or other children come in.
Perhaps he keeps stock of words that he might often use.
Of course, he would also use them for Sakuma.
However, they wouldn't carry much meaning to her.

■When Shiori's memories were ereased by the night glowstone while she was long, didn't Suga-kun soudn his voice out to Shiori-chan?■

His words in that scene, are already no longer ones given by his mouth.
His words (particularly in his essays) are all unified with the quotation marks 『』, but now that I think about it,
perhaps there could have been something that would have made it easier to understand what's going on, is what I now think after some reflection.

■If all the characters were to have their genders switched, what kind of personality, relations, story, and appearance would they have?■

Of course if their gender were different, I think how they'd be treated and evaluated from the surroundings would be different, so even if they are not much different, I think the impression one would have of them would change. I think that their stories would perhaps also have small details that would be different.
Especially when it comes to changes to Shiori's actions, I felt there would probably be many more EDs where Shiori herself would die.
Also, when it comes to appearance, I think they would have an outer apperance that would be fit for their character. Shiori would be an invigorated and fresh young boy, Sakuma would be quite an impure and brazen student, Suga would not be called a telephone pole but rather a witch woman. Mochizuki would be a female officer about in her 20's.

――Is, what I thought, but by "all the characters," that would that also include the Kotori Obake too?
If so, then it would be a story with quite a different nuance.
Because the premise itself would change quite a lot.

■How transparent is the night glowstone?■

It's a bit of an embarrassing story but...... in reality, there are a surprising number of small details like this that I haven't yet thought out clearly.
So about the night glowstone, just perhaps, from just considering how it shines and its value as a tool and mineral, perhaps it'd be non-transparent, or semi-transparent, right?

■What happens to the tanuki-jijii (racoon-like old man) after the ED?■

I have fundamentally not thought of anything for him after the ED, and so his actions afterwards are also undetermined as of yet.
In actuality, that government official, like Sakuma, also had a death scene that was cut out in order to wrap up the story.
And so, I think that he is surely one who has lots of bad luck.

By the way, I have come to know that everyone is now calling that government official "tanuki-jijii."
I was a little surprised by this, and laughed a little.

【※Below (2014.1.28), additional questions・addendum】----------------------------

■Is the spirit in the sprite theaters the spirit of the mansion? Or is it the spirit that is possessing Sakuma?■

As those spirits are possessing the place itself, the ones sticking by Sakuma are both.
However, even though they stick by Sakuma, as Sakuma doesn't do anything to them or grant their wishes, they separate from her before long. And then they come again to stick by her.

■Is the spirit in the sprite theater a good spirit?■

It doesn't particularly inflict any harm that stands out.
But it is neither good nor bad.

However, as opposed to the spirit in Sprite Theater 6, Sakuma deals with it by trying not to get involved with it.

■Does Shiori have good reflexes? Does she participate in any clubs?■

I think she has good reflexes.
In fact, I think she has good mental and physical strength.
As for clubs, perhaps she would be one who participates in a sporting club organization, right?


Date: 2014 February 21

■With that Japanese mugwort-filled mud ball in the rough sketch, what did Suga do with it afterwards?■

Suga was resolved not to eat it, and so Shiori consumed it first in order to prove its safety. Of course, its inedible, so Shiori later went "wehh" aftewards, and Suga was saved.

■From where did Mochizuki come from?■

He came from a more urban area than at least Azakawa Village. But, I don't think it is necessarily a really large city.

■Suga patrols around a really dark mansion, but does he have good night vision?■

Probably, he has really good night vision, I think.

■How often does Sakuma stay past closing time at the museum? And does Suga absolutely always find her?■

I think she does so relatively often.
After she stays past closing time and gets caught, sometimes she refrains for a few days, but sometimes she does this on consecutive days.
And Suga pretty much finds her most of time.
After all, if she succeeds, there'd no proof, right?

■What kind of play is the "play fighting"?■

The play fights that kids often do.
Fundamentally, in this play, one becomes a "battle hero" I would think, but I also think they pretty make things up as they go along, like suddenly calling forth barriers, etc.

■How do Shiori's parents look like?■

I have no clear design of them.
But, I also have this image in my mind, that Shiori may resemble her mother.

(In this particular post, Sanada Makoto has made a sketch of Shiori, an a sketch of Suga. Click on the source to check them out!)


  1. Thank you so much for translating this!!
    About the info under Suga and Mochizuki:

    "・He is quite a serious and honest one, that [translator's note: I have difficulty reading the rest of this]"
    ^(シオリを守るためなら 泣きながらも 犠牲をいとわない)
    ^ (for the sake of protecting Shiori, even when she's crying, he is not against sacrificing himself [[note: he is not against becoming the victim]]).
    I think, is what it says.

    "・[Translator's note: can't quite read this]. Quite kind."
    ^ おせっかい、 meddling or meddlesome, like how he always checks up now and then since he feels he can't leave it alone.

  2. I wonder what happen with the museum's room where Suga and Sakuma came into it when she was chased by him (at the begining of the game). Is Suga the only who can go into that room?

    Thanks for the translation.

    1. Check out the mail that is dated 2013 November 8 and look for the statement concerning the "inner door" (the one you are asking about right now).

    2. Also, according to the game data, it leads directly outside to that staircase, not to any room.

    3. Oh, thank you! I didn't realize was the statement there.

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