Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oni Asobi walkthrough

Below is the walkthrough for Oni Asobi.

Part one
At the shrine, look in the donation box
Go to the chozuya (the hand-washing place).
Now observe the sign next to the mini-shrine.
The code for the mini-shrine can be obtained from the sign next to the mini-shrine, and the handkerchief.
After entering the code, observe the inside of the shrine.
Leave the shrine.

After leaving the shrine, solve the maze area puzzle by putting the ofuda in the correct positions.

After arriving in town, go to the convenience store. Pick up rubber gloves and small key.
Go through the gate, escape to the vacant lot after encountering the enemy once again.
Go back all the way home.
Go back to vacant lot.
Go to the Green Midori Park, look for key.
Go back home.
ENDING1: Go into house

Part two
For ending two pick up the iron pipe at the vacant lot.
Go all the way back to the shrine.
ENDING2: Break the door with the iron pipe
Observe the inside of the mini-shrine again, acquire coin.
Give coin to the donation box.
Go inside the shrine, pick up the flashlight.
Go back out.
ENDING3: Go back home

Part three
Go to the gate of the school. Enter the school.
Make sure to throw away the iron pipe before entering the school.
Go a third floor bathroom, pick up bucket.
Use bucket on a second floor bathroom to get key.
Go back to main entrance. Then enter the staff room near the main entrance.

Pick up the staff room's code, and also the library room key. There are also two notes to observe on the desks.
Go to the library room. Observe the report on braille. Also observe the "Hell in a Bottle" to re-order the staff-room's code sheets. Also observe the bulletin.
Input the staff's room code in the staff room, next to where the code was found. Acquire keys.
Go to Kyousuke's classroom, and pick up an item.
Observe the bulletin in the hall near the staff room. Then, open the place that the sheet of paper pointed to, with the code that sheet had.
Go to the music room on the third floor. Observe the piano, select yes.
Go back to a first floor bathroom, pick up bent mop.
Go back to piano again, select yes.
Go to the desk belonging to the student who borrowed the key to the science room (once again, the note indicating the student was in the staff room), pick up key
Go to the science room on the second floor, observe the red note on the desk. Then move the skeleton to the appropriate position.
Observe the skeleton again.
By getting all the pieces, you will now have a note.
ENDING4: Go to the desk of the student indicated by the note, then go to roof.

Get the infirmary key from desk belonging to the infirmary committee chairperson.
Go to the infirmary on the first floor, and pick up the gym storage key on the way out.
Go to the gym storage, pick up bat.
TRUE ENDING (ENDING5): Go to the desk of the student indicated by the note, then go to roof.

Happy ending (ENDING6)
Start a new game after getting endings 1-5. A new decision will appear at the beginning.

Start a new game after finishing the happy ending, and go through the normal game this time. A new difficulty will appear at the first part of the game.
After setting the ofuda in the correct places in the new difficulty, you will be transported to a strange area after going to the path to town.
After you are sent back to the path going to town again, you have now cleared oni mode. (The rest of the game is the same, and the "oni mode clear" trigger has already been activated, so you can go back to title at this point if you wish.)
After clearing oni mode, you will have all the omake contents (the reward for clearing oni mode is at the clock).


  1. How do you get rid of Kana after you get all those keys from the staff room?

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  3. Uhm Im stuck at the first code for the mini shrine someone pls help me

    1. Kiririzu has made videos of this game so far. He speaks Italian, but he plays the same version.

    2. I got the code but still don't see the connection to the clues.

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  4. I don't know Appropriate position of the skeleton in science room... how to place it

    1. Trying every square always works.

    2. All of the rooms? Or just brown area?

    3. Rooms? Not quite sure what you mean by that, since you can't move the skeleton out of the room...

  5. do you have any advice about the infimary part? because i'm totally stuck there

    1. You can search around for Oni Asobi videos.